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Killing Time Studios

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Jen Garrido (paintings)

Ghost Shrimp (illustration and one helluva Guy)

Tony Garaldi Brown (comics)

Judah Thomas (prints)

Roshambo Winery and Gallery

Aurobora Press (monotypes)

Ned Kahn (sculptor)

Laurel Roth ( sculpture)

Meredith Hamiltion (encaustic paintings)

Andy Diaz Hope (photography / installation)

Reversible Eye ( art space, Chicago)

Heebee Jeebee in Petaluma, CA (novelties and gallery)
Killing Time Merch on display

Eric Bostrom (drawings)

Scott Keneally (writer)

Whole Wheat Toast (prints/ drawings)

National Product in San Francisco, CA (gallery, t-shirts, etc.)

Stiff Dead Cat (porch music)

Kohler Arts Center (artist residency)

IMAGERY WINERY (winery/ gallery)

The Importance of Being Ernst
(music video for Closer to Carbon, directed by Benjy Young)