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Killing Time Studios is Todd Barricklow (no known aliases,, and William Smith (, aka wilted smith, wilbill ( and wilbilly ( Todd Barricklow is an artist working within the ceramics medium and metal fabrication. William Smith is a printmaker skilled in lithography, intaglio, silkscreen and monotype. The likeminded artists joined forces under the Killing Time moniker in 2002. The mission of KTS is to provide its audience with a diverse, gallery experience and quality, accessible fine art. Aside from working in their primary mediums, Todd and William are working on a line of limited edition artist merchandise. Their exhibitions consist of moderately priced fine art as well as the more accessible t-shirts and glassware. The concept behind these exhibitions is to create an experience that is both entertaining and thought provoking. Furthermore, by providing the audience with affordable artist merchandise, KTS establishes a lasting impression on those attending their exhibitions and more importantly everyone is able to go home with a little something from the experience.

The Killing Time Website was established to provide a temporary fix in between exhibitions as well as purchase work and merchandise directly from the source. Todd and William are continuing to exhibit and increase their line of artist merchandise. Todd Barricklow works out of the Killing Time Sculpture Studio in Santa Rosa, Ca. William Smith works out of the Killing Time Print Shop also located in Santa Rosa, Ca.

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Killing Time Studios